Maureen POUND and Carmen WILLIAMS are two extremely talented, courageous and determined women who are helping other like-minded women do what most don’t accomplish - MAKE SERIOUS MONEY from their business.

Part of being brave is being honest with yourself. So we have created an ebook ‘How the top 3% of business owners overcome overwhelm and procrastination to supercharge their growth’.

If you want to download this and start your journey of being brave, helping others and making LOADS of cash, then put your details in the form below. Your time is NOW (and you don't have to apologise for it).

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Why we do what we do

Let us ask you: Why did YOU go into business?

Some of you leap in because you are passionate about helping others. For others, it's about creating something new or growing an amazing idea. 

Whatever your reason, we just want to say that we admire you. We admire you being brave and going for it.

However despite your passion, planning and continued action, sometimes it feels like you are swimming against the tide. Things just don't happen quickly enough. Cash flow can be tight. (Let's be honest, we've all been there)

This is where we come in. We help business owners who are a bit stuck or at a crossroads through one-on-one coaching sessions. (You talk through your stuff regularly and are held accountable to get results). You can have all the resources under the sun but you need to organise things in your own mind and be doing what's important to be successful). 

You feel invigorated and on track after every session. It's like a continual re-calibration (instead of sailing to the wrong Island and not realising until you there!) It's YOUR time to shine and make sure you are using the right tools and people to help you. (Phew!)


What People Say About Us

I’ve always thought that I was a pretty good coach, successfully guiding and leading teams and people, performance reviews and difficult conversations! Well didn’t I grow and learn… A LOT. You are an expert Maureen.
Carmen has helped me become very clear on the key areas of my business that were getting out of control and holding me back. I implemented the strategies we created together and I’m now feeling super creative, in control, and less stressed as a result. Thanks Carmen, I’m now ready to tackle my big goals for 2018!
Carmen is a genius when it comes to identifying a problem, designing a sustainable strategy and making sure it’s executed successfully.
Carmen and Maureen together are a powerhouse. There is nothing that they can’t imagine, create and accomplish.
Maureen is definitely a coach for the brave! Brave enough to take on challenges that just don’t seem achievable on our own. Coaching conversations with Maureen leave me focussed, encouraged, determined and supported. Best of all i have the clarity to know exactly what to do next.